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Dom Mariani - Popsided Guitar 1984-2004:

of '88, critical reaction bordered on the ecstatic. Plans were then drawn up for a full-length Someloves record, with basic recording to be done in Perth followed by a return visit to the Easter sanctum. Something Or Other appeared in early 1990 and went on to collect no less than seven West Coast Rock Awards that year including "Best Album" and a nod for Dom as "Most Outstanding Songwriter." Yours truly, writing at the time in The Bob, was barely able to rein in the enthusiasm, stating flatly, "Everything that is vital about classic pop is contained in the Someloves' songs."

"As a song writing partnership," says Dom of the Mariani-Mather summit, "we clicked! We had different songwriting styles that worked well together".

Alas, fate had other plans. Mushroom wanted a second album, but under the provision that the band support it with live dates. While some initial recording did get underway, with Dom based in Perth and having recently started a family and Mather living and working in Sydney, touring wasn't an option. Sensing futility, the pair quietly laid the Someloves to rest.

Dom now found himself in a curious artistic limbo. Contractually bound to Mushroom but uninterested in working for the label, he was barred from making new recordings. He bided his time writing new material and playing occasional live shows around Perth under the name Orange with drummer Martin Moon and Someloves bassist Toni Italiano. Once legal matters were sorted out and Moon replaced by Pascal Bartolone (from the Summer Suns), the trio hit the studio with a vengeance, Dom subsequently rechristening the band DM3 and signing with the Stems' old label Citadel.

"The first DM3 album was a fairly important step for me personally," say's Dom, talking about One Time Two Times Three Red Light, released in August of '93. "Some of those tunes were written for the second Someloves album in mind '1 Time 2 Times Devastated' was originally recorded for the Someloves album but, never completed. I wanted to update the melodic style of the Someloves with a tougher guitar sound. DM3 was instrumental in getting back into playing regular live shows, something I'd missed in the Someloves."

Critics and fans alike approved of the DM3 sonic melting pot and the band was able to tour behind the album both nationally, opening for Died Pretty and Jellyfish, and Europe, including a prestigious slot at Denmark's annual summer Roskilde Festival. Thus buoyed, DM3 began work on its sophomore platter, sessions ultimately extending into 1995, with Mitch Easter tapped for mixing and final production honors (Easter also mixed the first album). Following a slight delay, Road To Rome appeared in June of '96.