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Dom Mariani - Popsided Guitar 1984-2004:

Debuting at Number 1 on the Australian alternative charts, the album also infiltrated the mainstream charts making At First Sight Violets Are Blue one of the year's big success stories. Interest in the band from overseas, particularly in Europe (not to mention from independent-minded rock magazines such as Britain's Bucketful Of Brains and America's The Bob), was also on the rise. By August of 1987, however, cracks were beginning to show in the Stems' firmament due to a combination of exhaustion, tensions within the group and management problems. That October, on the eve of what was to be the Stems' first European tour, Dom quit the band.

The Stems may have been over, but Dom, still signed to Mushroom as an artist, sensed an opportunity. Back during the Stems' '85 Sydney sojourn Dom had roomed with his friend Darryl Mather, late of the Lime Spiders. Bonding over a mutual powerpop obsession as well as a healthy love for classic British Invasion, the pair hatched a scheme to record a one-off single under the very pop-sounding monicker The Someloves. Explains Dom, "Darryl and I were sharing a house together in Petersham and we'd often talk about doing a single together. It was about a week away from the Stems going back to Perth so we said we'd better do it."

'It's My Time' b/w 'Don't Talk About Us' had come out in early '86, earning great reviews and indie chart placement in both Australia and Europe. Upon leaving the Stems, Dom and Mather proposed reviving their little pop project to Mushroom. Mushroom enthusiastically agreed, and the Someloves soon found themselves recording for Mushroom imprint White Label.

The duo wrote a pair of tunes, 'Know You Now' and 'Don't Have To Try', then, in a stroke of inspiration, contacted famed Southern pop producer Mitch Easter (R.E.M., Let's Active) about putting some final production and mixing touches on the songs.

"We found ourselves in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, at Mitch's Drive-Inn Studio," says Dom. "It was great to be able to work with someone like Mitch who understands where you're coming from and can take your songs to another level."

Dom adds, "It was an amazing trip -- I'd never been to the States before. Landed in New York at 6 in the evening, went to the hotel and fell asleep only to wake up at 1 in the morning to screaming police sirens I look out the window and it's like another planet!"

At any rate, that Easter magic factor did the trick. When the single was finally released in September