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Albuquerque (Wild Scenes)  •  Destroy Dull City  •  Good Times Outweigh The Bad Times

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Old style, body-slammin' high energy rock and roll returns to the world on March 22nd 2013 with the arrival of the double CD Destroy Dull City collection from psychedelic fuzz rock champions the Psychotic Turnbuckles.

The current holders of the Rock and Roll Tag Team Championship belt are unveiling a collection comprising the bulk of their recorded work.

The package contains the Destroy Dull City EP, the Beyond The Flipout LP, out-takes, rarities, A and B sides from every single released plus two exclusive live tracks from the band's triumphant return to Sydney in December 2012.

Generously illustrated liner notes from a host of luminaries including original manager Mark Fraser and noted underground journalist Steve Danno round off this deluxe release.

The band comprising Jesse The Intruder (vocals), The Grand Wizard (guitar), El Sicoldelico (guitar), The Psychedelic Unknown (bass) and Gorgeous Karl Domah (drums) will re-convene for rehearsals at their headquarters in Pismo Beach, California, before returning to Australia.

The Psychotic Turnbuckles carved a swathe through Australia's rock and roll venues from the early 1980s, relocating from the US after their professional wrestling careers were interrupted by notorious promoter Sammy Duke.

They quickly showed they were the equal of influences like the 13th Floor Elevators, Radio Birdman, the Moving Sidewalks, the Masters Apprentices, The Sonics and The Aztecs by laying waste to the local beer barns and rock hovels.

They shared stages with the likes of The Troggs, the Hitmen, Dark Carnival, Beasts of Bourbon and the Screaming Tribesmen for a decade, fading from the scene as members filtered back to the US.

Their surprise reappearance in Sydney in December 2012 showed the 'Buckles still have the goods to take down any contenders. It sealed a deal with Sydney's legendary Citadel Records - and the rest is history.

The release coincides with a string of select gigs

March 23rd: Melbourne - Cherry Bar + Little Murders
May 11th: Sydney - Bald Faced Stage + HITS
May 25th: Brisbane - Beetle Bar + Mick Medew & The Rumours


Tracklisting - Disc 1: ( 61:37 m:s)
  1. Albuquerque (Wild Scenes) (Wizard/Intruder/Creep/Sicodelico) (2:39 m:s)
  2. Colours (Creep) (2:31 m:s)
  3. Leaving (Creep) (2:50 m:s)
  4. Groove To The Eye (Wizard / Intruder / Sicodelico) (3:30 m:s)
  5. Sweet Daddy (Creep / Sicodelico) (2:55 m:s)
  6. Cool It (Sicodelico) (2:07 m:s)
  7. Wanna Ride The Wild Seas (Wizard / Intruder) (2:51 m:s)
  8. Go Go Gorilla (Gottheardt / Coggins) (3:24 m:s)
  9. Real Gone Gasser (Creep) (3:36 m:s)
  10. Messin (Wizard / Intruder) (3:03 m:s)
  11. Hold Me Tight (Sicodelico) (2:04 m:s)
  12. Pismo Beach (Sicodelico) (1:57 m:s)
  13. Cool Bananas (Wizard) (2:17 m:s)
  14. Rock N Roll Wrestling (C Masuak) (2:41 m:s)
  15. City Of People (T Strasz) (2:18 m:s)
  16. Escape My Mind (Creep) (2:13 m:s)
  17. Destroy Dull City (Wizard / Intruder) (3:15 m:s)
  18. Not The One (Sicodelico / Intruder) (2:24 m:s)
  19. Hey Eriq (K Ryan) (2:36 m:s)
  20. Hip Babe (Psychedelic Unknown) (2:46 m:s)
  21. Teenage Crush Affair (Psychedelic Unknown) (4:24 m:s)
  22. The Grand Wizard (Psychedelic Unknown / Wizard) (3:20 m:s)

Tracklisting - Disc 2: ( 69:09 m:s)
  1. Energy (Wizard / Intruder) (2:53 m:s)
  2. The Creeps (Creep) (2:37 m:s)
  3. Psychotic Situation (Wizard / Intruder) (3:07 m:s)
  4. The Crusher (Bob Nolan) (3:02 m:s)
  5. Good Times Outweigh The Bad Times (Psychedelic Unknown) (2:47 m:s)
  6. Sudan Butcher (Psychedelic Unknown / Intruder) (2:58 m:s)
  7. Rock N Roll Terrorist (Wizard / Intruder) (3:19 m:s)
  8. Hero Mountain (Wizard/Intruder/Psychedelic Unknown/Domah) (3:41 m:s)
  9. American Ruse (MC5) (2:25 m:s)
  10. You Really Got Me (R Davies) (2:00 m:s)
  11. I Want Love (Intruder / Psychedelic Unknown) (2:21 m:s)
  12. She's Afraid To Love Me (Psychedelic Unknown) (2:53 m:s)
  13. Slow Death (R Loney / C Jordan) (3:39 m:s)
  14. Energy (Live) (Wizard / Intruder) (3:46 m:s)
  15. Crazy Time Ahead (Domah / Intruder) (3:19 m:s)
  16. Eye Surf Alone (Intruder) (2:35 m:s)
  17. She Put A Spell On Me (Psychedelic Unknown) (3:28 m:s)
  18. Mr Zeppelin Man (N D'angelo) (2:06 m:s)
  19. 1969 (The Stooges) (2:33 m:s)
  20. Psychotic Christmas (Psychedelic Unknown) (4:12 m:s)
  21. Luna Chik (Wizard / Psychedelic Unknown) (2:22 m:s)
  22. Going All The Way (M Bouyea) (2:06 m:s)
  23. Escape My Mind (Creep) (2:11 m:s)
  24. Hold Me Tight (Sicodelico) (2:58 m:s)